Power Of Google Android

The Main reason behind the Android Success besides Google Support is its Open Source platform which enable and opens a great world of opportunities for Android Application Developers to make the preferable changes in the OS according to the need of their applications and can build perfect Apps. Many smart phones are now using Android as their OS base to make it easy for both the developers and users to achieve full satisfaction.

Being open Source, you don’t have to pay the licensing fee for its development which you have to pay in case of iPhone or blackberry. There are no jailbreaks and unlock priorities to fulfill in it. Android App developers can sell their applications on the official Android App store or the third-party vendor which is not possible in iPhone as there is only one way and that’s Apple store. Android applications are Linux-based hence making it stable and secured.

Google Android Applications are chosen because of these capabilities:

Great ROI
Stable platform
Easy development and Good portability
Huge developer community support
Android OS Rocks the SmartPhone Market
Many sales options
Google has gifted an open source handset operating system for all the future phones which literally gave these handy toys a great power to work as a walking PC’s and perform a great piece of work very easily and without any hassles. It is the best way to make a good money on very less investment.

These benefits has stormed the Android application market by influencing more and more application development companies to jump into it and develop unique and interesting applications.

Now smart phones has enabled a walking person to get connected to the world with just one touch and share his experience with the world. Businessmen have started using it as a pocket office and are using it as a small office connector by the help of many Applications. They no more need to sit on the PC or carry a laptop with them.

What you need is just a reputed and certified Android App development company who could easily understand your requirements and mould them into a beautiful Apps. Once you hire a company for your Application you will definitely save your money, time and resources because they are professionals who are trained for it who can develop customized and user targeted Apps bringing glory for you and your business all you need is an imagination and a creative idea, “They will turn them to Application”.

Hard drive data recovery program

Have you ever faced any problem with your computer drives? Had you ever lost data coming from a hard drive due to its sudden crash? Do you think you’re facing problems to solve the crashed hard drive? Or are you normally the one trying to find out good recovery software to retrieve lost data from computer drives? Then here’s the solution.

External hard drives are likely to be addressed as HDD (hard disks). These are the basic mass storage devices that are used in all desktops and laptops. The external hard disks are almost just like internal drives i.e. system hard drive, only differentiation would be that the internal hard drive may come as built-in inside computer and external hard drive must be connected through USB port externally to the system.

One of the most serious problems with the hard drive is that the drive crashes all of a sudden. There are a number of reasons that could cause hard drive crash. Assume a scenario that you were performing some action and suddenly the system froze as a result of some errors during the process. This caused problems on the hard drive that’s linked to the system. When you restarted the machine to transfer the data, the external drive crashed. This made all of the data present on the drive to be inaccessible. And now you have lost certain most crucial files of knowledge. If this describes the case you are facing do not panic! There is a right strategy to solve this problem. Take advantage of recovery software to recover crashed external hard drive data. The software program performs complete recovery of all files present on the hard drive that’s been crashed. You may come across the following cases too that could lead to hard drive crash.

Here you can go through the other cases of data loss from computer drives –

Accidental formatting – Formatting process erases all the pointer links to the data that’s stored on the drive. Thus the info remains to be present for the drive but not visible for the operating system since there are no pointer value for virtually any data file. Thus you may lose data.
System shutdown – While switching from the computer system, make sure that each of the running applications are completely closed. Else the shutdown process may corrupt certain files. When you accidentally shutdown the device when external hard drive is still in use then a drive might crash at certain point.
Hard drive bad sectors – If there are any bad sectors on the hard disk drive then a hard disk drive might definitely crash because existence of bad sectors around the computer drives will affect its performance.
Harmful malware – Usually the hard drive data will end up corrupt if it is suffering from virus and when the drive is severely affected then the computer drives might suddenly crash.
These are generally a number of the scenarios that could result in hard drive crash and simultaneously loss of data. As well as the best remedy to have back the lost data could possibly be using recovery software. This software features may be stated below:

It successfully gives you restore crashed hard disk drive information.
Information from crashed hard drives in the brands like Seagate, Toshiba, Sony, WD, etc may be restored successfully.
Software supports recover file from external hard drive drives having different file systems like FAT16, NTFS5, HFS+, FAT32, HFS5, etc
The applying enables us to work with software for Windows and Mac version OS separately. To be able to try out the software program, download the trial version of the software. When the recovery process is a useful one you’ll be able to select complete software.

Software development

Using our extensive knowledge of Microsoft .NET, Adobe Actionscript, PHP and Java along with database technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL we can provide you with exactly what you need, a bespoke software application that caters to your every need.

We are able to create web hosted applications that are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. If you want even more accessibility we can provide you with a mobile interface that can be used from your phone or PDA.

As well as creating bespoke applications we also offer a range of off the shelf products, these include a powerful Customer Relationship Manager and a work flow driven Case Management System. You can use our Contact page to enquire further about these products.

Android: Top 10 Facts about Android

What is Android?
Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks – today markets is flooded with gadgets and though they add to variety, people are going berserk deciding which one to buy and which one is better than other. Even if you decide about the brand you might still want to read up about the latest operating systems on which the model based on.

Off late you might have a lot of noise about this new operating system which is not technically speaking new but then it has captured the market in like no time. Android is an operating system that is based on linux and has been specifically designed to run on devices like mobile phones and tablets . Google had initially funded and finally purchased android in year 2005. Statistically speaking, in over 5 billion mobile phones users in the world almost 1.08 billion use Android. What sets apart Android from its competitors is the huge variety of applications, provision of upgrading it time to time and the fact that it has enviable speed which is very much required if you are a game lover.

If you refer dictionary, you would find Android actually means an automated human or human that exhibits automation. Android Incorporation was founded last trimester of year 2003 at California. Andy Robin, Rich Miner, Chris White, Nick Sears are founders of Android and have contributed in various forms towards its development and distribution. Android since 2003 has undergone a number of technical upgrades and is now in direct competition with the likes of Apple, Windows, Symbian etc.

Top 10 facts about Android are listed below:
1. Android is an open source:
Many of us must be clueless about what is this open source and how is it so beneficial that it deserves a mention in Android’s top facts. To put it simpler words, in an open source, users of that operating system have an access to its source code, they can change it and create newer versions which if successful is then available to the other users.

2. Android and ABC:
Even if it feel like a coincidence, but one interesting fact about Android is that somehow all the versions of this OS have a sequence to it. A-ndroid, B-eta version(1.0), C-up cake version (1.5), D-onut version (1.6), E-clair version(2.0) and so on. And, probably the Android developers have also “developed a sweet tooth” as all the version keep referring to something that has a sweet taste.

3. How did Android phone came into existence:
If you think that Android developers had always planned to come up with an android phone or something similar, you are grossly wrong. The initial intention of the company was to to develop an advanced operating system for digital cameras, for which they figured out the market is not as large as they wanted it to be. So, they then diverted their energies to come up with OS for phone which would be in direct competition with Symbian and windows phone. Did you just Thanked God for it ?

4. Android and Apps:
Whether want to know weather forecast or you want to how many calories your cupcake has; there is probably an app for each in an Android phone. Android users can enjoy access over 48 billion apps and almost half of them are free to download. With around 20,000 apps developed monthly, Android is the closest competitor to IOS.

5. Android had a Shaky start:
Not many people are aware of the fact that Android had a very shaky start in smartphone business. Their very first Android phone was not well received. Even though, the operating system was appreciated the critics had issues with its designing. Also, Android collaboration with Blackberry to come out with a Blackberry Playbook was an unsuccessful attempt.

6. Other companies can come out with Android phones:
Unlike Blackberry and Apple which strictly confine themselves and restrict others to replicate their operating systems. The open source of Android allows companies like HTC/Samsung/Motorola to customise it and use it for their own branded devices. They can add their own features and change the layout at their will.

7. Market share & Android:
According to the latest news(Aug 2013) in a very famous magazine,, Android has captured almost 80 percent of the market share as compared to other mobile operating systems.

8. Programming Languages used by Android:
C, C++ and Java are the main languages on which Android is based. While C is used as its core language, the software developers behind Android use Java for its user interface.

9. Android Logo:
The green human like robot logo of Android is supposedly based on the game called “Gauntlet- The third encounter”.

10. Google And Android:
When Google financially backed Android and then moved onto buy the whole company is was speculated that Google is going to launch its own phones, with Android as its operating system. But for now, Google has marketed the platform to companies which manufactures handsets and has lined up various components related to software or hardware in order to extend cooperation to such companies.

Best way to recover formatted hard drive data

Seagate Expansion Drive Recovery is only the thing and also the best way to bring your data back. After you recover the data from the Seagate hard disk the data you will find will be same as before. There are few statistics which will prove the data existence even after the complete deletion. Hence, what is the use of saying that file is deleted permanently when file after deletion exists in there.

The genuine question to be asked and here is the answer for query which is to recover formatted hard drive data. The thing which is mentioned in the above paragraph is very true. The data even after deletion remains in there and this is the reason what make recovery of data is possible. What happens exactly is when the file is deleted by any mean (shift delete, delete, command delete, format, and reformat, emptying Recycle Bin etc) then the pointers pointing to them are just set free. Addressing the place (data) using some variable or some name is known as pointers. Thus, when the files are deleted then these pointers are actually deleted and in contrast the data is still present in there.

Data when stored in the Seagate hard disk then the new space is allocated to the data and is addressed with new pointers. The concept is when you have to reach that particular space then address is assigned to the data. When users wants to access the data then that particular address acts as an access point that enable user to access the data.

After deletion the illusion is created that makes the user understand the absence of data. The illusion is created so strategically which make the user sure that data is not present in the hard disk but that is partially true. Not only format but there are number of such tasks that make deletion of those pointers. Making the empty space for you is the work of deletion.

So your partial true is now known converted to full and you are know about what is going on behind the scenarios of deletion. This means all the measures of deleting the files like shift + delete, delete, emptying “Recycle Bin” is just to create the illusion. But at the end you have had delete the file then what could be done to recover those files? The way is to recreate those pointers which are deleted. The task may be difficult so better to use the Hard Disk Recovery Software.

The software will regenerate the files access information and related information too. And when this information will be used then all the data will get the access. As regeneration reads all tracks and sector of disk and at last gives the file.

If you are not using the software, then recovering the files from formatted Seagate Hard Drive will be a time-consuming task (backup and restoring points). Things to avoid in order to recover formatted data from Seagate hard disk.

Just skip to save the data in the hard disk after you have had lost data or after installation of OS
Defragmentation is yet another remembering points that have to be keep in mind
So if you have reached to the decision that only recovery software is going to help you then just download the software and install it in the system. Install it in the other system and reconnect the formatted data hard disk in it. Use the software enabled feature to recover the data from the hard disk and save the session in the healthy system drive.

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Developing An App

web appsApp development has reached the peak of its business over the last couple of years. Developers and designers have come up with all kinds of apps and games that are visible in the app stores. Whether its IOS or Android or Mac, there are over thousands of apps to choose from. Sadly some of the apps do not receive as much recognition as other apps. There are tips and strategies out there every app developer must appoint in order to make his or app a success.

Here are 4 mistakes you should avoid while developing your mobile app.

#1: Platform Stereotypes

Sometimes app developers are confused on which platform they should base their app upon. Some individuals are biased and tend to bend towards IOS considering they will get paid more. Only if you are an experienced coder and accustomed to most languages including Swift and Objective C, only then should you try out app development for IOS. Some people go the other way, considering Android as the mother platform because it is used by the majority population. This taboo has to be laid down as a developer should develop an app for a platform he is comfortable with.

#2: Internet Services

An important decision that has to be made by every app developer is on whether internet connection is necessary for running the app. So before you go ahead and link it to the Cloud, make sure your app is attractive enough to be downloaded in the first place. It is always an added advantage if your app doesn’t require the internet because users tend to download offline apps more. So useless features that would require internet connection will only reduce the usage and effectiveness of your app.

 #3: Monetisation

It is obvious that most users out there prefer free apps rather than paid apps unless the app is renowned and widely used. So if this is your first venture at app development you should stick to free usage. Once the user is accustomed to your app and he or she is willing to take a step forward, you can add a premium version and in-app purchases. If you see that your app is being loved by its users and has a high download proportion, you can go ahead and charge individuals for downloading the app.

#4: Second Opinion

This is more of a personal issue rather than a development-based one. Do not be the judge of your own app. Always seek a second and if necessary a third opinion before you launch your app into the app store. This will provide you with the confidence and assurance you need.

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